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  1. Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin
  2. Handbook Life Prehistoric Europe by Jane Mcintosh

Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin

This means that its history is almost entirely that of the ordinary individual--the hunger-gatherer, farmer, or metallurgist--rather than the king. Evidence of privileged elites and material splendor is not lacking, however. The skills and expertise of prehistoric Europeans were often employed in the production of exquisite jewelry, elaborately woven cloth, beautifully made tools, and finely wrought weapons. Though the palaces that have attracted excavators in other lands are absent, there are few monuments elsewhere in the world to rival Europe's massive megalithic tombs or great stone circles.

And though individuals preserve their anonymity and many of their secrets, modern technology has made it possible to reveal parts of their life history in astonishing detail. Handbook to Life in Prehistoric Europe gathers the results of recent archaeological discoveries and scholarly research into a single accessible volume. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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The mainstream-archaeology bias of the book, which lays out the latest theory as fact, is a little annoying. Curiously, however, and even worse, almost all the illustrations are from really! Why bother putting those in at all? They are misleading and just wrong.

I guess it's an act of sheer laziness not to try to update the illustrations. On second attempted reading, I could not get through the text; there are so many semi-colons that it made me nauseous. Every sentence has the same structure; use of semi-colons is not warranted over and over.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Prehistoric Europe

Even after three sentences, reading becomes perilous when the author does not know how to vary sentence format; one would hope the editor would have noticed, but they didn't. August 13, - Published on Amazon. Deep into pre-history.

Handbook Life Prehistoric Europe by Jane Mcintosh

December 31, - Published on Amazon. There are a wealth of maps, pictures and discussions of what tools different cultures left behind. This book is more a "what the data means" type of archaeology book and gives one an idea of how data can and are interpreted by professional.

It is actually much better written than the introductory archaeology text mentioned above, but is duller, more scientific and thus, a harder read overall.

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